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Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS)

Our provision for children’s welfare, development and learning is guided by the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This supports the learning and welfare of all children aged 0 to 5 years and helps to ensure each child is ready for school and prepared for future learning and successes. This framework is mandatory for all early years providers in England (from 3 April 2017): maintained schools; non-maintained schools; independent schools; all providers on the Early Years Register; and all providers registered with an early years childminder agency. The full document set out by the Department for Education can be found here:

Warwick Pre-School Curriculum

Our curriculum is driven through the principles of the EYFS. At Warwick we want to give the children in our setting the freedom, ability, and encouragement to learn across all seven areas of learning:

Our curriculum is driven through the principles of the EYFS. At Warwick we want to give the children in our setting the freedom, ability, and encouragement to learn across all seven areas of learning: 

At Warwick Pre-School our planning is pro-active and flexible. By spending time with our children, we can draw on their knowledge and interests to extend and develop their learning. We understand all children will develop at their own pace and we take the relevant time to develop each child.

Our methods to develop a child’s learning are through the implementation of a wide range of experiences, all set within a stimulating, thought provoking, fun, challenging environment. These experiences are led and guided by our practitioners who spend time with the children developing their skills and knowledge.

Practitioners implement and guide children’s learning through communication and modelling language, questioning, showing, explaining, demonstrating and encouraging. They will provide a narrative, as well as facilitating and setting challenges for all. Our environment will give children the space, freedom and resources to learn.

Our youngest children will firstly develop a strong foundation in the Prime Areas of Learning. With a solid foundation built in the Prime areas of learning the children are then able to develop and extend their existing knowledge, learning new and more complex skills and knowledge within the Specific Areas of Learning.

Literacy and language are key in a child’s early years. At warwick we encourage communication and language and develop and extend vocabulary as children learn. Literacy knowledge and skills are also of key importance in a child’s early years and are encouraged from the offset.

We understand our individual children learn in different ways and at different rates and we will guide, develop and support their learning using the characteristics of learning most appropriate to them.

We will provide the opportunity and learning experiences across a wealth of subjects, ensuring British Fundamental Values and Culture Capital is at the heart of our learning. We will challenge and enrich children’s learning by introducing new experiences as and when appropriate to their development, challenging both their strengths and weaknesses, building on interests and provoking curiosity and enthusiasm for other subjects.

We form good relationships with all our families and children and use their interests and knowledge to support and inspire learning.

As practitioners we are passionate in supporting all children to achieve their full and unique potential by being the best version of themselves, they can be.

By allowing children to think, share and communicate feelings we can support worries and concerns they may have and we believe happy children learn.

We are a member of Early Years Alliance. You can check all the policies and procedures we adhere to.

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